I am a TV comedian, Radio presenter for XS Radio 106.1 FM and MC to the world’s biggest sports stars.

I am very excited to announce the release of my new song, Muhammad Ali’s Dream (a.k.a. Fighting for Equality).

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Muhammad Ali’s Dream
A.K.A. Fighting for Equality

COMEDIAN Charlie Hale has assembled an all-star cast to showcase how Muhammad Ali’s prowess inside the ring matched his courage outside it – in a music video.

The list of top class fighters goes on in a Star Studied Video like nobody as ever seen with so many Boxers Paying Tribute to the Greatest Boxer of all time Muhammad Ali. Below is a list of the 18

Also to show Muhammad’s Nature we have 3 Special needs kids Jamie Robb, Harvey Groarke, Gus Renshaw and a recovering child from Leukaemia in the video Jenson Wright
which was something Muhammad fought for and would often unannounced visit children’s Hospitals.

1 Larry Holmes former World Heavyweight Champion

2 Earnie Shavers Voted Puncher of the Century

3 Tim Witherspoon Former 2 Times World Heavyweight Champion who plays Sonny Liston outside the ring in the Video

4 Joe Calzahge Former 2 Times Undefeated Super Middle and Light Heavyweight Champion 46/0

5 Jonny Nelson Sky TV Presenter Former Cruiser Weight Champion of the World

6 Robin Reid 3 times Former Super Middleweight Champion of the world

7 Terry Flanagan Lightweight Champion of the world

8 Anthony Crolla Former Lightweight Champion of the world

9 Paul Silky Jones Former Light Middlewieght Champion of the World

10 Martin Murray Former British Commonwealth WBC Silver Middleweight Champion

11 Neville Brown former British and Commonwealth and European Middleweight Champion

12 Callum Smith Former British European Super Middleweight Champion and current number One in the World

13 Bobbi Joe Edwards Former Pro Boxer who plays Joe Frazier in the video

14 Shaun Williams former BBU Lightheavyweight Champion who plays Sonny Liston inside the ring

15 Jason Lowe Former Bare Knuckle Champion Star of BOXING FILM JAWBONE

16 Steve Johnson Former British Light Middlweight Challenger

17 Maurice Core Former British Light Heavyweight Champion

18 Joe Egan Mike Tyson Former Sparring Partner now Actor in Movies

The Cinnamon Brow funnyman, who met the American several times before he died aged 74 last June, has brought together 18 boxing greats for the production, in which he plays the role of his former friend.

Sporting legends and past opponents of Ali – Larry Holmes and Earnie Shavers – are among the stars involved.

But the showpiece, featuring the Ali shuffle and a knockout blow, also makes way for several figures from the sport’s current crop, including Warrington resident Martin Murray, Callum Smith and Anthony Crolla.


The music video aptly titled ‘Muhammad Ali’s Dream aka Fighting for Equality’ will be released next Tuesday, January 17, to coincide with the former heavyweight champion’s birthday.

It was filmed at a series of locations across the country, including Warrington’s own Hook and Jab.

The production will see Charlie rap throughout but aside from its light-hearted nature, it will show just how Ali would help those less fortunate and battle for equality outside the ring.

XS Radio presenter Charlie said: “We wanted to show his character – I knew him personally and one thing about him is that each day he loved visiting sick kids.

“If he was driving somewhere and going past a hospital he would stop and visit sick kids. People don’t know the other side to him.

“We have also got special needs children in the video, we thought it would be nice for them.

“In the video it also shows how he fought injustice and racism. In a time when the president of the United States and Martin Luther King Jr got shot he risked his life.

“Somebody said to me why don’t you go to the Guinness World Records as there have never been so many boxers in one song.

“I said to my mate if I was Snoop Dogg or Kanye West I couldn’t have got them all in.
“Because they are friends of mine they jumped in the video and I know if Mike Tyson was here we could have got him to do it – he loved Ali.

“I do all the rapping, I enjoyed it. There was pressure but I believe we have made a good video.

“There will never be another Muhammad Ali, never ever.”

Ali’s twin daughter, Jamillah, is among the select few to have viewed the video ahead of the release date.

And she messaged Tyrone Monaghan, son of Ali’s friend, Paddy, to thank those involved.

She said: “I did see the video and it was great. Such admiration and love for my dad – that was nice to watch.

“It was also great seeing your dad in the video and all the photos and memories with my dad. Thank Charlie for me, he did a great job.”

13 Jan 2017 /Aran Dhillon, Reporter, Guardian Warrington Newspaper